Inheritance feud turns tragic as man kills his girlfriend’s father after she was excluded from will

Oudtshoorn Regional Court has handed down a sentence to Patrick Rondganger for the brutal murder of his girlfriend’s father, Eric Xakaka over inheritance issues.

Rondganger was found guilty of the heinous crime, as well as charges of theft and obstructing justice, following a series of disturbing events that culminated in a senseless loss of life.

The court proceedings revealed a harrowing narrative of domestic turmoil and violence that led to the untimely death of Eric Xakaka at the hands of Rondganger.

Xakaka, who had been the primary financial provider for the household, resided with his daughter, grandchild, and Rondganger for several years.

The fatal altercation between Xakaka and Rondganger occurred after a night of heavy drinking by the latter, which escalated into a fatal confrontation the following morning.

Following a heated argument, Rondganger fatally stabbed Xakaka multiple times before callously burying his body in a shallow grave in the yard and attempting to conceal the crime by selling the victim’s cell phone.

Despite his efforts to evade justice, Rondganger ultimately led authorities to the grave only two days into the police investigation.

The legal proceedings were marked by delays and challenges, including mental evaluations, changes in legal representation, and the reluctance of the victim’s daughter to testify against Rondganger.

The court also learned that the family had been planning to celebrate Xakaka’s 60th birthday just a day after his tragic murder, underscoring the profound impact of the senseless violence on his loved ones.

Rondganger was sentenced to 20 years for murder, as well as three years for theft and obstructing justice.

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