Indian teacher axed after she called Soweto black kids ‘monkeys’

The recent incident at Curro Academy in Protea Glen, Soweto, involving Indian teacher Tayabah Jadwat and her alleged racist remarks towards black pupils has led to new developments.

The accusations of racism have led to Jadwat’s resignation from the school, but the repercussions of her actions are far from over.

According to sources close to the case, Jadwat reportedly called three black pupils monkeys during a classroom incident.

The shocking nature of her comments was captured in a recording where she can be heard referring to the students as “the three monkeys at the back.”

The pupils were understandably shocked and protested against her discriminatory behaviour.

In response to the allegations, Jadwat claimed that she was pressured into resigning by the school’s executive head, Johannes Mahlatsi.

She expressed frustration with the situation, citing a previous negative experience with the media and insisting that she is not racist.

Jadwat vehemently denied the accusations against her and vowed to take legal action against those she feels have wronged her.

  “Yes, I resigned, and secondly, it was because you wrote utter crap about me last time when you said I cried. I resigned because I had a meeting with the executive head (Mahlatsi).

  “I resigned because I didn’t want to be in a disciplinary hearing for those racism allegations. You wrote s@#t about me last time, and I lost my career and my life because of that story you wrote. You lied about me, and I am not racist. I am going to sue you and the World for destroying my life,” said the piqued Jadwat.

Despite her resignation, Curro Academy is moving forward with a disciplinary hearing that may result in Jadwat being fired in absentia.

The school’s commitment to addressing the issue underscores the seriousness of the allegations and the importance of upholding principles of equality and respect within educational institutions.

In response to inquiries about Jadwat’s resignation, Curro Holdings business executive Fergus Sampson confirmed the teacher’s departure from the school.

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