“I lost nothing” – Ever vocal Jackie Phamotse seemingly throws shade after being sued by Basetsana Kumalo

Author and social media personality Jackie Phamotse has broken her silence following the sentencing handed down by the Randburg magistrate’s court in a defamation case involving Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo.

Phamotse, who faced charges related to defamatory statements made against the Kumalos in the past, expressed her thoughts and emotions in a recent Instagram post.

After the Kumalos emerged victorious in the case, Phamotse was found guilty on multiple charges, including defamation, crimen injuria, and violating a protection order.

The court sentenced her to two years of house arrest, along with a fine and unpaid community service.

Despite the legal outcome, Phamotse has maintained a positive outlook and expressed gratitude for the support she has received from her followers during this challenging time.

In a message shared on her Instagram stories, Phamotse thanked her supporters for their love and reassured them that she is safe and at home.

She expressed a sense of peace and strength that she attributes to divine intervention, emphasizing her belief in God’s guidance and protection throughout the ordeal.

Phamotse’s message reflects her resilience and determination to move forward from this chapter in her life with grace and positivity.

“God has given me so much strength and peace it’s unbelievable. It’s truly peace beyond understanding. I’m covered. I’m home, lost nothing but given more time to do what I’m called to do,” Phamotse wrote.

“God brought me back home when many said I’ll never see the sun again. I’m grateful to God because I’m still whole and still able. Now, let’s work.”

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