Husband kills wife and locks 10-year-old stepdaughter in a room with the dead body

Maria Bathabile Molelekwa was brutally murdered by her husband. The incident allegedly took place in Capital Park, Pretoria, on 1 January 2024.

According to reports, Maria was murdered by her husband in front of her 10-year-old daughter. The suspect is accused of slitting Maria’s throat, cutting her face, and stabbing her to death.

He then reportedly locked his stepdaughter in a bedroom with her mother’s lifeless body and threatened to murder her if she made any noise.

Maria’s other daughter discovered her mother’s body and her sister locked in the bedroom. The husband’s actions, as described, represent a severe act of violence and trauma inflicted on both the victim and her children.

Woman brutally killed by her husband

Following the incident, the husband handed himself to the police, yet he was released on bail afterward, which could be seen as a point of concern for the safety of the surviving children and potential witnesses.


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