Exclusive exposè: High ranking police official’s PA mysteriously dies amid corruption allegations

According to reports a former Personal Assistant (PA) of a high ranking police official in Mpumalanga has mysteriously died after he allegedly witnessed money laundering.

It has been reported that the man died after months of battling mysterious health issues. It is also alleged that before his ultimate death, he accused a high ranking female Police Officer of poisoning him.

His death sent shockwaves within police department in Mpumalanga, especially at the police station where he was allegedly employed fraudulently.

It is alleged that in October 2021 the Mpumalanga Provincial Police Headquarters wrote the accused high ranking officials to remove the “ghost employee” referring to the deceased. However that instruction was not honoured until a year later before the deceased resurfaced into the South African Police Service (SAPS) offices with no valid explanation.

Over the years, there has been on going corruption allegations against the police department in Mpumalanga. It is alleged that high ranking police officials recieved money from fraudulent activities and deposited it into the deceased bank account.

According to reports, the matter is currently under investigation by National Police’s Anti-Corruption Unit.

The investigations follow a money laundering case which was opened about questionable R230 000 recieved by the police officials.

The exact circumstances surrounding the death of the deceased remain sketchy as the family waits for postmortem results.


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