Heartless shooting of bread delivery driver and his assistants captured on Dashcam video goes viral

Disturbing video footage of a double murder in Delft has gone viral, shocking the community and highlighting the growing wave of violence plaguing the area.

The video, captured by the dashboard camera of a Sasko bread truck, shows the brutal attack on three delivery men on Thursday morning.

The video, which has no audio, begins with the driver, wearing a blue top, counting money and joking with his colleagues.

Suddenly, two armed men appear from behind the truck and force open the doors, demanding the money.

The three men, visibly terrified, hand over the cash without resistance.

However, despite their compliance, one of the suspects opens fire inside the truck, fatally shooting the driver in the face and the passenger multiple times in the upper body.

The man in the middle seat, clutching his wounded colleagues, is believed to have survived the ordeal.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Bilqis Poole, confirmed that Delft detectives are investigating two counts of murder, with no arrests made so far.

“Delft police responded to a complaint of a shooting and upon arrival on the scene, they found the victims with gunshot wounds to their bodies in the vehicle they were driving. Both victims were declared deceased on the scene by medical personnel. The motive for the attack forms part of the police investigation,” Poole explained.

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