Heartless criminals shoot toddler dead for ‘making noise’ during home invasion

The brutal killing of three-year-old Emilio Hutchinson, his grandmother Ellen Hutchinson, and their guest Claudeo Thomas has sent ripples of fear throughout the Gqeberha suburb of Helenvale.

All three were shot dead by unknown assailants during a home invasion.

The fact that a young child was mercilessly shot multiple times is a heartbreaking and senseless act of violence.

As the investigation into the motive behind the home invasion continues, the community is left grappling with the loss of innocent lives.

Yesterday morning, a bloodstained mattress and bullet holes lining the walls of the modest home painted a terrifying picture of what had transpired just hours before.

Woken up by a loud banging sound at about 11.15pm, Hutchinson soon realised there were people trying to kick down her front door.

But as she and her teenage son pressed their bodies against the door, trying to keep the men out, they realised they were no match for them.

What they could not have anticipated, however, was that the attackers would blindly open fire through the door, fatally wounding Hutchinson, before forcing their way inside.

According to a family member, once inside the home, the intruders continued shooting, killing the child and Thomas.

The sight of a bloodstained mattress and bullet holes on the walls serve as a haunting reminder of the horrific events that unfolded that night.

The pain and trauma experienced by the Hutchinson family and the entire community are unimaginable.

Colonel Priscilla Naidu, the police spokesperson, has assured the public that the authorities are actively pursuing the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

The launch of a manhunt for the individuals responsible for the triple murder and two attempted murders is a crucial step towards seeking justice for the victims and their families.

The prevalence of violence and crime in Gqeberha’s northern areas has instilled a sense of fear and insecurity among residents.

The community is calling for increased safety measures and law enforcement presence to prevent further tragedies from occurring.

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