He locked his bedroom door and raped me – pastor who appears on reality TV show accused of rape

A shocking case of alleged rape has emerged in Nelson Mandela Bay, involving a prominent businessman and former church leader.

The 48-year-old, who cannot be named until he formally pleads to the charge, stands accused of locking a young woman in a bedroom and raping her at his home in Bluewater Bay.

The incident, which reportedly took place in October, has left the 19-year-old victim traumatized, with her family by her side as the suspect appeared in court.

The accused, a father of seven with a history of fraud and theft convictions, dismissed the allegations as “hogwash” when approached for comment, stating that his attorneys had advised him to remain silent until the case progresses.

According to the complainant’s mother, the suspect had taken her daughter and a group of friends out to celebrate exam results in Summerstrand before returning to his home.

It was there that the alleged rape occurred, with the victim’s mother expressing deep regret over allowing her daughter to join the outing.

Describing the harrowing events of that night, the mother revealed how the accused allegedly locked the door to the room where her daughter was sleeping before assaulting her.

  “He had rooms upstairs and downstairs,” she said, adding that her daughter had gone to bed in a downstairs room next to his.

  “He [allegedly] locked the door and took the keys with him.

  “Later that night he [allegedly] returned, entered the room and locked it from the inside.”

  That was when he allegedly held her down on the bed and raped her.

Despite being congregants at the Bantu Church of Christ, where the perpetrator was once a leader before being ousted, the family now grapples with the aftermath of this disturbing incident.

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