He galivants across Joburg in a BMW while his child eats pap and sugar water – single mother narrates struggles

Single mother Buhle Mkhwananzi* had hopes of starting a family in cosmopolitan Johannesburg.

But those hopes quickly faded after she got pregnant and the man responsible for the pregnancy dropped her like a bag of hot potatoes.

News O’clock visited Buhle at her rented shack in Diepsloot in the north of Joburg and her struggle of raising a child as a single mother was evident .


Her fridge had a half tomato and bottles of cold water. Her kitchen units had maize meal, salt, chicken stock (Benny) and a little portion of cooking oil.

This reporter thought it was the January disease blues but in reality that is how she lives her life for 365 days a year.

Buhle’s story highlights the challenges faced by many single mothers who are left to raise their children alone without any financial support from the fathers.

Despite moving to Johannesburg in search of a better life, Buhle found herself in a difficult situation when she became pregnant and her partner, Themba, showed his true colors.

“He asked me to abort and I said no. Then he left and started staying with another while I was just 3 months pregnant,” Buhle shared.

This abandonment left her to face the struggles of motherhood on her own, with Themba showing little to no involvement in their child’s life.

“He never spent a single Rand on nappies and basic baby stuff,” Buhle revealed.

It was only when their son turned four that Themba began to show some interest in their child’s life.

However, his involvement remains minimal, with him only seeing their son twice a year on his birthday and Christmas day.

Buhle’s situation is not unique, as many single mothers find themselves shouldering the responsibilities and financial burdens alone.

Despite the difficulties she faces, Buhle is determined not to seek maintenance through the court system.

It is a decision she has made, whether out of pride, frustration, or a combination of both.

This story sheds light on the financial struggles faced by single mothers and the lack of support from absent fathers.

*not her real name. Real names have been hidden to protect the identity of the child

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