One gang member injured 10 others arrested during a shootout with the police

In Winterveld, Tshwane, a clash between law enforcement and a suspected gang tied to online shopping-related robberies resulted in the arrest of 11 individuals and the confiscation of two illegal firearms on May 10, 2024.

Gang of robbers arrested

The gang, allegedly involved in a scheme advertising a truck for sale on Facebook Marketplace to lure victims, were intercepted just as they were about to carry out a robbery.

Acting on intelligence, the Gauteng police, alongside the Highway Patrol Unit and Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), swiftly moved to intervene.nSurveillance revealed the planned robbery taking place as an unsuspecting buyer met with the suspects.

In the ensuing confrontation, gunfire erupted, leading to the injury of one suspect and the arrest of ten others without further harm. Two unlicensed firearms and ammunition were seized from the scene.

Gauteng Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Tommy Mthombeni commended the officers for their swift action in apprehending the suspects responsible for a string of robberies in Winterveld. The police caution the public against falling victim to fraudulent online advertisers who prey on unsuspecting buyers.

It’s essential for online buyers and sellers to prioritise safety by following these basic guidelines:

Avoid communicating with buyers or sellers outside Facebook as possible as you can,

Don’t share your personal information such as banking details or physical address;

If you are meeting a buyer or seller in person, arrange to meet in a public and well-lit area or at the nearest police station;

Do more research on the buyer or seller by visiting their private Facebook profile, a ‘red flag’ is raised when his or her profile was only recently created.

Any criminal activities can be reported at the nearest police station or via Crime Stop


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