From cop to marrying business tycoon to politics: MaMkhize’s ex-husband joins politics

Sbu Mpisane is back in the limelight and this time he is walking it alone without revered business woman Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize.

Mpisane was previously married to MaMkhize and that is how he rose to national fame.

He has now joined newly established political party Gap Fixers of South Africa (GFSA).

In an exclusive interview with Zimoja, Mpisane revealed, “I was hurting because Zuma was jailed. I felt that the ruling party had failed him and abandoned him. That’s when I realized that I need to be part of a political movement that can bring about real change and protect the interests of our people.”

Mpisane’s decision to join GFSA comes as a surprise to many, considering his previous allegiance to the African National Congress (ANC).

However, he explained that he believes GFSA is the party that can truly address the challenges faced by South Africa, such as unemployment, poverty, and corruption.

“I have seen firsthand the struggles and hardships faced by ordinary South Africans. I want to use my position and influence to make a difference in their lives,” Mpisane emphasized.

The construction magnate’s entry into politics has sparked a mixture of reactions from the public. Some view it as a strategic move to protect his business interests, while others question his credibility as a political figure.

Political analyst, Dr. Thabo Mthembu, commented, “Mpisane’s decision to join a new political party reflects the growing disillusionment with the ANC and the need for fresh voices in the political landscape. However, he will face challenges in gaining the trust and support of the public, given his association with the ANC in the past.”

Despite the skepticism, Mpisane remains determined to make a positive impact through his involvement in politics.

He plans to use his business acumen and experience in the construction industry to drive economic growth and job creation.

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