Foreigners flee their homes after receiving alleged xenophobic threats

A Gift of the Givers team has been dispatched to provide urgent humanitarian aid to approximately 2,000 foreign nationals who were forced to flee their homes in Wellington, Western Cape, following alleged xenophobic threats.

The situation unfolded after a violent altercation between a local resident and a foreign national resulted in the tragic deaths of both individuals, sparking fear and unrest in the community.

Details surrounding the incident remain murky, with the police yet to provide comprehensive information on the circumstances leading to the deaths.

The fatalities have reportedly heightened tensions in the area, prompting the mass exodus of foreign nationals seeking safety from potential harm.

In response to the escalating crisis, Gift of the Givers swiftly mobilized to assist those affected, particularly women and children who have sought refuge in a local hall under police protection, while the men have taken shelter at the police station.

The organisation commended the police for their prompt intervention in evacuating the vulnerable individuals from the OR informal settlement, preventing possible acts of violence, looting, and destruction of foreign-owned businesses.

In a statement, Gift of the Givers expressed gratitude for the police’s decisive actions in safeguarding the displaced foreign nationals and averting further escalation of the crisis.

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