Foreigners are ‘stealing’ from the Road Accidents Fund

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) CEO, Collins Letsoalo, recently made a noteworthy statement regarding the unintended consequences of the RAF legislation.

According to Letsoalo, the drafters of the legislation did not anticipate that the scheme would predominantly benefit foreigners.

The RAF was established to provide compensation to victims of road accidents in South Africa, aiming to alleviate the financial burden resulting from injuries, disabilities, or loss of income incurred due to such accidents.

However, Letsoalo’s assertion sheds light on a significant shift in the demographics of beneficiaries, raising questions about the original intent and effectiveness of the legislation.

Letsoalo’s remarks bring attention to the evolving nature of road accidents and their impact on society.

With South Africa being a popular destination for tourists and migrant workers, the influx of foreigners has contributed to an increase in road accidents involving non-citizens.

As a result, a significant portion of RAF claims now come from individuals who are not permanent residents of the country.

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