WATCH|Outrage as expired food, urine and bedroom found in Foreign owned spaza shop

A video of a man shutting down an allegedly foreign own spaza shop has garnered attention on social media, sparking outage about the continued disregard of health regulations by spaza shop owners.

During the raid at a local spaza shop called outline super store, which is owned by a foreign national, inspectors found expired goods.

The goods were removed from the shelves but what was even more shocking was the discovery of bucket of urine that belonged to the foreign national employee.

Utterly shocked, the inspector and his colleagues decided to take video footage of the disgusting sight.

Disgusting sight at a foreign owned spaza shop

Urine and expired food

He also discovered that, the shop is also used as a place residence by the employee.

In the video, a quick tour around the shop is shown, a bed can be seen, clothing, toiletries, a box that is used as a bed for a cat, which also lives in the shop, and a dish used to bath, these were all barely a meter away from the food in the shop.

The inspector then shuts down the store and instructs his colleagues to check that the employee has vacated the shop from the back.


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