Foreign national jailed for killing his wife after she wanted to divorce him

Abdul Salaam, a 41-year-old Bangladeshi man, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the brutal murder of his wife, Miché Samuels, in a horrific incident.

The tragic event took place on 4 March 2021 when Salaam stabbed Miché to death in broad daylight as she was driving her car on Ottery Road.

What makes this crime even more chilling is the fact that their one-year-old daughter was in the backseat of the car, witnessing the horrifying act of violence.

Following his conviction for murder, Salaam appeared in the Western Cape High Court to plead for a lighter sentence, but his plea fell on deaf ears as the court handed down a 25-year prison term.

The court’s decision reflects the severity of the crime and the impact it has had on the victim’s family and the community at large.

In a disturbing turn of events, police discovered divorce papers in the boot of Miché’s car, indicating that there were underlying issues in the couple’s relationship.

Salaam’s violent actions not only ended Miché’s life but also left their young daughter traumatized and scarred for life.

The investigation into the murder revealed further damning evidence against Salaam, including the recovery of a knife thrown by him on a nearby sports field and his bloody T-shirt.

These pieces of evidence painted a grim picture of the brutal attack and highlighted Salaam’s callous disregard for human life.

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