Foreign delivery bike drivers who aren’t trained to drive on SA roads causing havoc – Report

The pressure to deliver orders quickly can also lead to risky behavior on the roads, endangering both the drivers and others.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Institute of South Africa (MSISA), founder Hein Jonker believes that some foreign delivery riders may not have undergone proper motorcycle training or licensing in their home countries.

This raises concerns about their qualifications to operate vehicles in South Africa.

Jonker recommends increased collaboration between law enforcement authorities to conduct roadblocks and verify the licenses of delivery drivers.

He also highlights the importance of employers vetting their riders to ensure they meet the necessary standards.

Another safety issue stems from the pressure placed on delivery drivers to meet tight deadlines.

Jonker explains that drivers often feel compelled to cut corners and compromise on safety measures to maximize their earnings and meet delivery guarantees.

When riders operate under such pressure, they may fail to manage risks appropriately and neglect important safety precautions, such as securing their helmets properly. This behavior increases the likelihood of accidents and poses significant risks to all road users.

Jonker estimates that a safe and proficient motorcycle rider typically requires five days of training, but this can vary depending on the individual.

He emphasizes that employers have a responsibility to provide adequate training and support to their delivery staff to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

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