Fear women – Woman dumps her boyfriend after winning lotto jackpot with a ticket he bought

A man is accusing his ex-girlfriend of cheating him out of his share of a £1 million lottery win, sparking a bitter dispute over the windfall.

Michael Cartlidge, 39, and his former partner, Charlotte Cox, 37, purchased a winning lottery scratchcard together at a shop in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

However, following their breakup, Ms Cox has been declared the sole winner by lottery officials.

While Michael acknowledges that Charlotte both paid for and scratched the ticket, he argues that he played a crucial role in the purchase and should be entitled to half of the winnings.

Despite initial indications from Camelot, the previous lottery owners, that the winnings would be split, the new owners, Allwyn, have ruled in favor of Ms Cox as the rightful claimant.

Expressing his shock and disappointment, Michael stated, “I can openly admit that we wouldn’t have got that ticket without Charlotte, but she wouldn’t have got it without me either. It should go 50-50 morally.”

However, Ms Cox has dismissed his claims as “rubbish,” with a source close to her asserting that he has “no right” to the jackpot.

The couple’s relationship, which lasted only three months before the lottery win, has now descended into a legal battle over the disputed winnings.

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