Fancy free fish for dinner? Fish is coming out of people’s taps

Do you fancy fresh free fish for dinner? Well, then move to Komatipoort because live fresh fish is being “delivered straight from the tap”.

News24 reports that the residents of Komatipoort have been living with this crisis for far too long, and they have reached a breaking point. The untreated effluent flowing into the Crocodile River is not only a health hazard but also an environmental disaster.

The constant drinking water outages have left residents scrambling to find clean water for themselves and their families.

And the fact that live fish have been appearing in their taps is simply unacceptable.

The Komatipoort Despondent Residents’ Association has taken a stand against the municipality, demanding that they take immediate action to fix the raw sewage and drinking water crisis.

And the Mpumalanga High Court has sided with the residents, ordering the municipality to do just that.

This court ruling sets a precedent for other municipalities across the country. Residents are no longer willing to sit back and accept substandard services from their local government.

They are taking matters into their own hands and holding municipalities accountable for providing basic necessities such as clean drinking water.

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