Faith Nketsi is now officially back on the dating market as she reaches divorce settlement

Faith Nketsi, the sultry reality TV personality, has officially reentered the dating scene following the successful acquisition of a divorce decree at the Joburg high court last week.

The court’s ruling not only grants Nketsi legal freedom to remarry without the risk of bigamy but also solidifies her divorce settlement proposal as a permanent court order.

The news of Nketsi’s newfound single status was disclosed by a close relative who opted to remain anonymous for fear of backlash.

The relative announced, “She can now get married again without committing bigamy; she is officially single and ready to love again.”

Nketsi’s decision to end her marriage with Njilo stemmed from allegations of fraud, leading to a breakdown in trust and ultimately the dissolution of their union.

The influencer accused Njilo of selling her undisclosed vehicle and misappropriating the proceeds, prompting her to sever ties with him last year.

Following their separation, Nketsi reportedly relocated with their daughter Sky to her bonded house in Edenburg, Sandton, while Njilo settled in Blue Valley Estate, Midrand.

Despite the split, the former couple agreed on visitation arrangements for their daughter, with Njilo granted time with her on specific occasions.

Amidst the divorce proceedings, financial details emerged regarding the couple’s respective incomes and expenses.

Nketsi claimed a monthly income of at least R50,000, allocating a significant portion towards her bond, groceries, and utilities.

In contrast, Njilo purportedly earned R200,000 monthly, with substantial expenditures on rent, petrol, and groceries.

The unraveling of Nketsi and Njilo’s marriage began with Njilo’s arrest for fraud by Kwazulu-Natal police in April last year, marking a turning point in their relationship.

The divorce settlement and custody arrangements reflect the couple’s efforts to navigate the aftermath of their separation and prioritize the well-being of their daughter amidst the legal proceedings.

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