Evil stepfather gets 10 year jail term for whipping 2-year-old with an electric cable

A man aged 30 from the Northern Cape has been convicted and sentenced in the Galeshewe Regional Court for the horrific abuse of his two-year-old stepson.

The case, which sent shockwaves through the community, highlights the importance of protecting vulnerable children from harm.

Northern Cape police spokesperson, Sergeant Molefi Shemane, expressed the SA Police Service (SAPS) management’s satisfaction with the court’s decision.

Shemane detailed the events leading up to the conviction, stating that on May 22, 2022, local police received a distressing complaint about child abuse.

“Galeshewe SAPS received a complaint about a stepfather who abused his two-year-old toddler by hitting and whipping him with an electric cord all over the victim’s body for a certain period of time,” Shemane revealed.

The severity of the abuse was confirmed through a medical examination that revealed the extent of the injuries sustained by the young child.

Following the investigation, the accused stepfather was promptly arrested and brought to justice.

The court, recognizing the gravity of the offense, handed down a sentence of 10 years imprisonment for the abuser.

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