Durban mother arrested after she hid her son. See why she hid him

A Durban woman has been arrested after she hid her son who was wanted for murder.

Melanie Muganlall’s arrest has brought to light the lengths a parent would go to protect their child, even if it means obstructing justice.

The news of Muganlall’s alleged involvement in helping her son evade arrest for almost three weeks has left many questioning the moral compass of a mother’s love.

It is a heartbreaking situation for all involved, especially the victims’ families seeking closure and justice for their loved ones.

The alleged crime of aiding and abetting a fugitive is a serious offense, and Muganlall now faces charges of defeating the ends of justice.

Her actions have not only put her own freedom at risk but have also added another layer of complexity to an already tragic situation.

The murder of Wesley Steenkamp and the attempted murder of Shaun Sukhlal have left a scar on the community of Eastbury.

The senseless violence that took place during a night out watching drag racing has shattered the lives of the victims’ families and friends.

As Muganlall appeared in court on Monday, the gravity of the situation became even more apparent.

The pain and anguish of the victims’ families were palpable as they watched the legal proceedings unfold.

State prosecutor Calvin Govender’s decision not to oppose bail for Muganlall has raised eyebrows, as many believe that her actions have contributed to the delay in bringing her son to justice.

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