Exclusive| Durban Metro police reveals the reason he brutally murdered his girlfriend

The Durban metro police officer, Constable Sizwe Ngema, who stabbed and killed his girlfriend, Bianca Khuzwayo, has made shocking allegations in his statement, exclusively obtained by ScrollaAfrica. Ngema alleges that Khuzwayo was pregnant and intended to abort their unborn child as instructed by her family.

During a heated discussion about the abortion, which occurred while they were drinking in the early hours of Sunday, Ngema claims that Khuzwayo made a hurtful comment.

Durban Metro police brutal murder

According to Ngema, she allegedly said, “You may find that you are not the father,” suggesting he shouldn’t worry about the pending abortion.

Ngema has indicated his intention to plead guilty when he appears in court again on April 9. However, his statement has not yet been presented in court.

Police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda said the suspect took videos and pictures of his girlfriend taking her last breath and distributed it to several people as well as social media.


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