Durban darkness – R2 million worth of cables lands 2 suspects in hot water

On Monday afternoon, two suspects were arrested in Queensmead with copper cables worth R2.7 million, believed to belong to Eskom and Prasa.

The arrests were made during a compliance inspection operation by the Economic Infrastructure Task Team (EITT).

According to Colonel Robert Netshiunda, the provincial police spokesperson, the police found the copper cables in two vehicles parked outside a scrapyard on Martin Drive.

Netshiunda stated, “During the inspection, police spotted two vehicles parked outside the scrapyard and upon searching them, police found copper cables which were positively identified to be belonging to the power utility, Eskom.

“After failing to explain the origin of the cables, a 37-year-old suspect was arrested. Another search inside the scrapyard also resulted in the recovery of more copper cables which belonged to Prasa.”

The second suspect, aged 39, was then arrested.

These arrests highlight the ongoing issue of copper theft in South Africa.

Copper cables are often targeted due to their high resale value.

Criminals strip the cables from infrastructure such as power lines, rail tracks, and telecommunications networks, causing significant disruptions and financial losses for the affected organizations.

The theft of copper cables not only impacts the operational efficiency of companies like Eskom and Prasa but also affects the general public.

Power outages, delayed train services, and interrupted communication networks have become all too common due to these criminal activities.

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