Drunk husband forces wife to bury their dead baby in a shallow grave

KZN Police discovered the lifeless body of a five-month-old baby boy in a shallow grave near a pit toilet in the Mpongompongweni area.

This distressing incident unfolded with a series of disturbing details that shook the community and authorities alike.

The collaborative efforts of KwaDukuza detectives, Durban K9 Search and Rescue, and Umhlali police led to the grim retrieval of the infant’s remains.

Reports indicate a harrowing narrative surrounding the child’s demise and subsequent burial, shedding light on the devastating consequences of negligence and poor judgment.

According to Captain Alex Thomson, the Ilembe Cluster police spokesperson, the parents of the deceased were reportedly under the influence of intoxicants when they discovered the baby’s lifeless body.

The father informed the mother of the tragic event, leading to a coerced collaboration in burying the child near a local river.

Lacking proper tools for burial, they returned home with the infant’s body.

The father, seeking assistance, involved a friend in the burial process near their residence’s pit toilet.

Subsequently, he resorted to threatening the mother into silence regarding the distressing incident.

However, the mother found the courage to seek help from her family and reported the situation to KwaDukuza SAPS, ultimately leading to the recovery of the baby’s body.

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