Drama as man dumps first wife to stay with second wife and her boyfriend

A man who claims to have been bewitched has dumped his first wife and followed his second wife who eloped to her boyfriend.

Edward Mavhunga, who stays in Tagara village in Guruve, has stirred controversy by leaving his first wife and children to pursue his second wife, Tanyaradzwa Mupasu (22), who recently eloped to the house of Evidence Zindoga in Marimahoko Village near Mudhindo.

This was after Evidence impregnated his second wife, Tanyaradzwa.

Edward and Tanyaradzwa have two children. Speaking more on him staying at Tanyaradzwa’s boyfriend’s place, he said:

“I am at Evidence’s house as we speak where my second wife eloped to.”

The parents of Tanyaradzwa’s boyfriend disliked this development and negotiated with Edward to go home:

“Evidence’s parents pleaded with me to leave and take my case to village elders or my in-laws. Tanyaradzwa has been bedding several villagers, including influential people, and one of her uncles.”

The situation has caused a lot of tension and gossip in the community, with many expressing their shock and disapproval of Edward’s actions.

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