Dr Musa Mthombeni: “Not everyone knows that I’m gay”

Dr Musa Mthombeni made it to trend list on X ( formerly know as twitter) after his long forgotten questionable weets resurfaced. Known for his sweet and unproblematic public image, the resurfaced tweets have left a bitter taste in people’s mouths.

Dr. Musa Mthombeni is a South African media personality who recently achieved recognition as a specialist radiologist. Alongside his professional accomplishments, his social media presence, featuring posts with his wife Liesl Mthombeni, highlights their luxurious getaways and personal experiences, enhancing his public image.

In the tweets he makes a mockery of dark skinned woman. In one tweet he states that his hiccups are caused by a dark skinned woman who is imagining chocking him. This preference of light skinned woman was made obvious years later as he went on to marry Former Miss South Africa 2015 who happens to be coloured.

The tweets did not end with Dr Musa dragging dark skinned woman but also some other tweets that resurfaced raised eyebrows about his real sexuality.

Dr Musa Mthombeni and his wife

One of the most shocking tweet,  Dr Musa engages with a tweet that questions if it is wrong if a person (male) dreams of having s*x with a guy. In another tweet he blatantly quotes” not everyone knows that I’m gay,” with laughing emotjies.

This had tongues wagging as there are some social media influencers who are patiently waiting for his marriage to fail and others are already suggesting that the reason him and his wife don’t have a child together after a few years of marriage is because he is allegedly gay.


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