Did taxi boss Bafana Sindane send bodyguards to protect actress Amanda Du-Pont?

Fans and followers of popular Skeem Saam actress Amanda Du-Pont have been left intrigued and curious after she was spotted attending a funeral over the weekend accompanied by a team of armed bodyguards.

The images of Du-Pont dressed in all black, flanked by security personnel, have sparked a wave of speculation and rumours, particularly concerning her alleged relationship with taxi boss, Bafana Sindane.

The presence of armed bodyguards at the funeral, a sight rarely seen in public events, has fueled the gossip mill, with many linking the unusual occurrence to Du-Pont’s connection with Sindane.

The gossip gained momentum when well-known blogger Sanele Nkosi hinted that the funeral was for a family member of Sindane, adding to the mystery surrounding the actress and the businessman.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Sindane himself can be seen in some of the pictures from the funeral, alongside Du-Pont and other celebrities like DJ Zinhle.

The actress’s rumored romantic involvement with Sindane is not new; last year, reports surfaced linking the two after they were spotted together at a lavish wedding in Paris, France.

The speculation was further heightened when Du-Pont shared a now-deleted video on her Instagram featuring a luxurious Maserati, coincidentally the same car that Sindane had showcased on his own social media.

These incidents have led friends and fans to believe that there might be more to their relationship than just friendship.

Bafana Sindane, a prominent businessman in the KwaZulu-Natal taxi industry, is known for his association with the presidential cartel and the high-flying, controversial lifestyle that accompanies it.

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