Departing Gagasi FM presenter Penny Ntuli gets mocked by her former colleagues for her R2,800 monthly salary

Gagasi FM presenters Minnie Ntuli and Felix Hlophe found themselves at the center of controversy after mocking their former colleague, Penny Ntuli, who recently departed from the radio station citing a meager monthly salary of R2800.

The insensitive comments made by the presenters during a show on Gagasi FM have sparked outrage among South Africans, with many expressing empathy and disappointment over the treatment of Penny.

The video capturing Minnie and Felix poking fun at Penny has circulated widely on social media, drawing criticism for their lack of compassion towards their former colleague.

The incident has shed light on the challenges faced by individuals working in the media industry, where financial struggles are often a harsh reality.

In response to the backlash, renowned DJ Prince Kaybee weighed in on the situation, expressing his support for Penny and wishing her well in her future endeavours.

“Every dog has its day…, wishing Penny blessings upon her life moving forward,” tweeted Prince Kaybee, highlighting the importance of empathy and respect in professional relationships.

The departure of Penny Ntuli from Gagasi FM has also prompted another presenter, Khaya Dladla, to announce his exit from the radio station, citing unfavorable working conditions.

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