‘Dead woman’ wants her Sassa grant

‘Dead woman’ Nonhlanhla Makhathini has found herself in a nightmare as she battles to prove her existence to the state.

The Witness reports that the fact that she has been registered as deceased for over two years has not only caused her immense emotional distress but has also put her in a dire financial situation.

Makhathini’s experience is a clear example of the frustrations and challenges that many South Africans face when dealing with government departments.

It’s a story of red tape, delays, and the lack of urgency in resolving critical issues that impact people’s lives.

The situation has left Makhathini feeling hopeless and desperate.

“I don’t know how I got home on the day I found out. I have never been so shocked in my entire life. I walked from Home Affairs to the taxi rank. I don’t remember how or when I got to the taxi rank.

“I was already struggling to make ends meet and I was hoping that getting this pension would help relieve me from the financial strains that me and my family are facing, but to this day I have not received any assistance,” said Makhathini.

She had been looking forward to receiving her old-age grant as a means to alleviate the financial struggles she and her family are facing.

However, she has been met with disappointment and endless obstacles in her pursuit of what is rightfully hers.

What is particularly concerning is the seemingly never-ending process that Makhathini has had to endure in her efforts to rectify the situation.

Despite providing the necessary documentation and cooperating with the authorities, she has been met with further delays and setbacks.

The Department of Home Affairs’ response to Makhathini’s case is also troubling.

While she has been assured that her matter is being investigated, the lack of progress and concrete solutions is deeply concerning.

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