Cyan Boujee trolls Mac G, his wife and Sol Phenduka

In a heated social media exchange, influencer Cyan Boujee has taken aim at popular radio presenter Mac G for allegedly calling her a prostitute on his show, Podcast and Chill.

The controversy started when a fan brought the offensive comment to Cyan’s attention, prompting her to respond with a barrage of insults directed at the presenter and even dragging his wife into the fray.

In a scathing Instagram story post, Cyan didn’t hold back, lashing out at Mac G and questioning his integrity.

“lol gotta get used to the hot topic phrase. That squirrel looking thing laughing out at the fact that I’m out on school tours is okay but calling me a prostitute for views is where you draw the line. Your wife that looks 20x older than you is the actual prostitute,” she wrote, highlighting the personal nature of the attack.

Accusing Mac G of being a hypocrite and a hater, Cyan didn’t mince her words.

“Have your opinion about me but don’t swear at me then come back to smile in my face. Y’all supporting an actual premium hater that’s hating every young artist in the game. But the good thing is we keep accomplishing,” she declared, standing her ground against the presenter’s alleged disparaging remarks.

Continuing her tirade, Cyan took aim at Mac G’s longevity in the industry compared to her own rapid rise to success.

“Being in the industry for DECADES and having a 22-year-old come in a year and make lox what you’ve made is the kind of hate I understand but I repeat, DON’T. SWEAR ON MY NAME,” she emphasized, pointing out the disparities between their career trajectories.

Not stopping there, Cyan also threw shade at Mac G’s co-host on the show, Sol Phenduka, labeling him as “that dark blue, blob fish fat man” and insinuating that he was merely a puppet benefiting financially from the drama.

“Keep your respect high for me cause you know I’m one of the top 5 guests out of a million guests you’ve had that gave you one million views, and I don’t wanna talk about that dark blue, blob fish fat man. He’s just a puppet gaining coins from this and I’ll be stooping rootimes low,” she concluded, making it clear that she wouldn’t tolerate any disrespect.

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