Cop pours cold water on Meyiwa accused assault allegations

In the ongoing Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, the lead investigator has stated that there was no basis to refer allegations of assault by police on one of the accused to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid).

The accused, Muzi Sibiya, had alleged police brutality but had refused to make a formal statement about the incident.

Brig Bongani Gininda, the lead investigator, explained that there needs to be a registered statement and a formal complaint under oath before referring a matter to Ipid.

He clarified that simply alleging assault without providing any evidence or making a statement is not enough to warrant an investigation by Ipid.

“A case gets registered at a police station and once we are sitting with a docket, you realise that there was a violation of rights by police officials … you refer the matter to Ipid. However, it does not mean that when someone alleges that they were assaulted before you even take a statement, you refer them to Ipid,” said Gininda.

The decision not to refer Sibiya’s allegations to Ipid is based on the preliminary investigation, which suggested that there was no case.

Without any evidence or a formal complaint, it would be premature to involve Ipid in the matter.

This statement by the lead investigator raises questions about the credibility of Sibiya’s allegations.

If there is no evidence or formal complaint, it becomes difficult to determine the veracity of the claims.

It also highlights the importance of providing concrete evidence and making a formal statement when alleging police brutality.

While it is crucial to take allegations of police misconduct seriously, it is equally important to ensure that there is sufficient evidence to support these claims.

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