Cop bust ‘moonlighting’ as a bodyguard for a drug kingpin using a police van

A police constable who was “moonlighting” as a bodyguard for a Verulam drug kingpin, has been arrested after being caught in full police uniform allegedly transporting drugs in a State vehicle.

The 28-year-old officer, who served at the Verulam SAPS, was nabbed during a roadblock on the R102 near Verulam by a joint operation involving the Hawks Provincial Tracking Team, the Hawks Anti-Gang Unit, and metro police.

Authorities made the startling discovery of drugs, reportedly found in the constable’s uniform pockets, as they conducted a search of the officer and the state vehicle he was operating at the time of his arrest.

The arrest came as a result of ongoing investigations into an incident where a drug kingpin and his associates had blocked a road in Verulam, leading to a violent altercation with a metro police officer who suffered severe injuries and was hospitalized.

According to police sources familiar with the case, the constable, who had been “moonlighting” as a bodyguard for the drug dealer, was implicated in protecting, transporting, and harboring the criminal.

The operation to apprehend the constable was part of a broader effort to dismantle the illicit activities linked to the drug dealer, with the officer found in possession of a range of narcotics, a state-issued firearm, ammunition, cellphones, and a gas gun during the search.

“Several operations were conducted in respect of the drug dealer and the policeman. We received additional information that the SAPS member was in full uniform and was in possession of drugs in a police vehicle, transporting drugs for the dealer.”

The source said a roadblock was set up and the policeman was stopped and searched.

The seized contraband, including crystal meth, heroin capsules, rock cocaine, and mandrax tablets, was estimated to be valued at around R10,000.

The discovery of drugs in the constable’s uniform pockets further underscored the gravity of the situation, highlighting the brazen abuse of authority and breach of trust exhibited by the officer in his alleged involvement in drug trafficking activities.

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