Convicted offender uses parole freedom to terrorize businessman who sent him to jail

A terrifying home invasion in Heatherlands left a George businessman seriously injured but also highlighted the bravery and swift action of his community.

He was attacked by a convicted offender who is out on parole. He was sent to prison after he had stolen from the businessman.

On Saturday morning, April 20th, at approximately 11:00, the victim, who was home alone as his family had left earlier, found himself confronting an armed intruder.

Entering the house through the back garden, the assailant was discovered by the victim in a bedroom, clutching an iPad stolen from the premises.

A struggle ensued, escalating when the attacker struck the victim’s head with a wooden rolling pin.

In a desperate bid to defend himself, the victim fought back, only for the rolling pin to break, revealing a metal pen concealed within.

Undeterred, the assailant resorted to using the improvised weapon to stab the victim, inflicting serious wounds to his head and neck.

Despite the vicious assault, the victim’s resilience and the timely intervention of neighbours prevented the intruder from escaping.

Within minutes, the community rallied together, apprehending the suspect before he could flee the scene.

It was the discovered that he is a convicted offender who is on parole and under correctional supervision.

Southern Cape police spokesperson Sgt Chris Spies confirmed the details of the incident, stating, “The victim sustained head injuries and was taken for medical care. The 31-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with house robbery.”

The bravery displayed by the victim and the quick response of the community led to the apprehension of the perpetrator, ensuring that justice could be served.

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