Community immediately stops a troublemaker’s plans

The most wanted troublemaker in the community was beaten to a pulp before he could execute his usual plans in Tembisa Kanana Ext 5, Gauteng Province.

According to reports, after a night of terrorizing residents the man was caught by the community, while his friends managed to escape.

It is alleged that he is part of group of more than 7 armed terrorist who go around robbing and shooting resident in the area.

Another case of community justice

In a separate incident, the community of Katlehong is reeking in shock after Lerato Tihane ,affectionately known as Lupi, was killed after a game of dice.

Community dealt with Lupi's killers

Lerato Tihane aka Lupi

According to reports, he won a substantial amount during the game and those who playing against him then placed bets with their phones which he also won

On his way back home, he was allegedly attacked by the people he was playing against, they allegedly stabbed and robbed him of all his winnings including the cellphones.

They then left him for dead, badly injured and bleeding.

Hours later a passer-by saw him and rushed to inform his family, his family arrived and rushed him to the nearest medical facility where he was later declared dead.

It is reported that the following day his friends went out to hunt his killers and found them. They were then served with mob justice before the arrival of the police.

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