Child stabbed to death and stomach cut open in Vereeniging hospital

The Mahlangu family has had a tragic start to the new year. 25-year-old Nthabiseng Mahlangu experienced the loss of her 23-month-old child, Retshidisitswe Mahlangu, after the toddler was brutally killed on Friday.

This according to reports incident happened at the Old Vereeniging Hospital in Gauteng, also known as 21.

Paulina Mahlangu (53), describing the scene that she saw on Friday, shared that the child was discovered with a knife still stuck in her head and her stomach cut open.

The mother, Nthabiseng, was at work when this tragic incident unfolded.

“Nthabiseng had left the child with her friend when she went to run errands in town. This is something she and her friend usually do; they babysit for one another.

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“She says she was surprised to see the friend in town, and when she questioned her about the whereabouts of the kids, the friend said that she left the kids behind.”

Child goes missing

Nthabiseng then rushed back and discovered that her daughter was missing.

A frantic search started, leading to the discovery of the child’s lifeless body near vacant rooms on the hospital premises.

The news have left the Mahlangu family in deep sorrow and shock.

Paulina says: “This incident has broken us as a family. My daughter’s friend knew very well that my sister was home; she could have left the child with my sister.

“We have so many questions because up until now, no one can tell us what happened. Even if the person that did this gets caught, it will still not bring back my granddaughter.”

The family hopes for justice to be served in the wake of this tragic incident.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo has confirmed the initiation of a murder case signaling the commencement of a thorough investigation into the matter.

The pursuit of justice is now underway as authorities seek to uncover the circumstances surrounding the killing of the 23-month-old child.


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