Broke former SABC presenter struggles to pay workers

Former SABC sports presenter Walter Mokoena is facing allegations of financial strain and difficulties in paying staff salaries at his online publication, The Joburg Post.

Staff members have expressed frustration over delayed and inconsistent payments, with some pointing out Mokoena’s perceived arrogance when addressing salary concerns.

One senior staff member, who has been with the publication for over a year, highlighted the challenges faced by employees at The Joburg Post.

She described a pattern of delayed payments, leading to financial difficulties for staff members who struggled to meet their financial obligations on time.

The Sunday World reports that despite their dedication and hard work, Mokoena’s failure to fulfill payment obligations has created a sense of mistrust and demoralization within the team.

Employees have voiced concerns over the impact of late payments on their financial well-being and overall morale.

  “Despite our dedicated work, Walter Mokoena failed to fulfill his obligations, consistently delaying salary payments and disregarding our concerns. His actions have not only caused financial strain but have also eroded trust and morale within the team,” the senior staff member added.

Accusations of Mokoena’s abrasive and indifferent attitude towards staff concerns have further strained relations within the workplace.

Employees have criticized his lack of responsiveness and failure to address workplace issues promptly and effectively.

Sources close to Mokoena have attributed his financial challenges to personal setbacks, including a divorce from former President Jacob Zuma’s daughter Nosizwe Vuso and struggles with his social media app, Mysportsbook.

The loss of his role as a special advisor to former minister Nathi Mthethwa has also impacted Mokoena’s financial stability.

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