Bolt driver stabs 2 women following an argument

On the evening of May 4, 2024, a disturbing incident occured in Table View, as a group of friends nearly lost their lives in what was supposed to be a normal Bolt ride.

Bolt driver who stabbed 2 women

Picture: Supplied

According to reports, tensions arose when the Bolt driver refused to comply with the passengers’ destination request. This refusal quickly escalated into a violent altercation, with the driver allegedly beating one of the passengers seated in the front of the vehicle.

As the situation spiraled out of control, the vehicle came to a stop and the group of friends ran away from the car in an attempt to escape the violent assault. However, their attempts were in vain as the driver then pursued them on foot.

The altercation took a life threatening turn when the driver allegedly stabbed two of the women from the group, leaving them with deep cut wounds.

The victims stabbed on their lower backs

No arrests have been made so far, leaving people outrage, demanding justice for the victim and cancellation of Bolt.

One victim after receiving medical treatment

This Incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that can arise when using ride-hailing services, as this is not the first time Bolt has been put on the spotlight for causing harm to its clients.

In March The High Court in Johannesburg sentenced a former Bolt driver, 30-year-old Emmanuel Mudau to two life imprisonment terms, plus 60 years, on four counts of rape, four of kidnapping and two of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.


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