Big Brother Mzansi star reveals how he lost so much from the show

Big Brother Mzansi star Lindokuhle Nsele, also known as Bravo B, has publicly acknowledged his wrongdoing for making inappropriate comments that led to his disqualification from the 24/7 reality show.

The 26-year-old faced an early exit earlier this year after engaging in a controversial discussion with fellow housemate Tshepo Tau, known as Makhekhe, where he expressed a desire to engage in sexual activity with a housemate who was under the influence.

The remarks made by Bravo B during the discussion were met with strong condemnation, particularly in light of the prevalent issues of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), rape, and crime in South Africa.

The show took a firm stance against his comments, emphasizing their commitment to the safety and well-being of all housemates.

In a recent interview on the podcast Engineer Your Life, Bravo B expressed regret and remorse for his actions, acknowledging the gravity of his words and the impact they had.

He admitted that watching the video of the incident made him realize the severity of his comments and the need for reflection and accountability.

Reflecting on the incident, Bravo B explained that his intention was not to harm or offend anyone but to engage viewers in conversation.

“Makhekhe and I love creating jokes, but I guess we both went too far. All I wanted to do was to stir up conversation with viewers, but not to rape anyone… we wouldn’t have done that.”

However, he recognized that the nature of his comments crossed a line and expressed deep regret for his actions.

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