Balenciaga selling ‘tape’ bracelet for over R82,000

Renowned luxury fashion brand Balenciaga is infamous for its unconventional and avant-garde fashion statements. With each new release, the fashion house consistently pushes boundaries and challenges norms.

However, their latest creation has sparked debate among internet users, who believe Balenciaga may have taken their experimentation too far this time.

Balenciaga is being criticised for selling a clear plastic “bracelet” tape that exceeds R82,000. Named the ‘Gaffer Bangle’ it is a huge transparent tape roll with a label inside that says ‘Balenciaga Adhesive — Made in France’.

Reportedly, it is the exact same as a normal tape but has the exorbitant price tag.

“What’s sad is that #Balenciaga actually designed a bracelet that looks like a roll of tape and they’re charging $4.000 for it. What’s even more sad is that stupid people are actually going to buy it smh (shaking my head),” commented an X (formerly Twitter) user.

Another added that, “This is the hottest accessory for spring, the Balenciaga tape bracelet. Will you be wearing it and showing all of your friends how fashionable (and rich) you are?”

“Yeah, Balenciaga is definitely laughing their minds off managing to convince people to by a tape bracelet. Bro wtf.” said another user.

Other users claimed that the company loves to enable wealthy people to cosplay as poor. According to Title Mag, “Balenciaga grabbed a megaphone and shouted: Poverty but make it (somewhat) desirable!”

“Balenciaga may be the most current brand marketing its luxury goods with the “aesthetics” of poverty and suffering – but it’s not the only one.


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