Bakery employees caught up in sticky mess after hiding cash in loaves of bread

Three employees from a bread company have found themselves in hot water after being arrested following a suspicious discovery of cash hidden in their load.

The trio’s alleged hijacking story has been called into question, leading to their arrest and impending court appearance at the Sterkspruit magistrate’s court on Monday.

Police spokesperson, Capt Ursula Roelofse, shed light on the incident, stating that the driver of the truck contacted authorities claiming that he and his two crew members had been stopped by individuals in a white Ford bakkie in Herschel.

The driver alleged that they were robbed of a safe and money before managing to escape and reporting the incident to the police.

However, a twist in the tale emerged during the preliminary investigation when police discovered cash concealed among crates of bread in the truck.

The trio failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for the hidden money, leading to their arrest on charges of theft and perjury.

Roelofse emphasized the suspicious nature of the situation, stating, “They then drove to the police station to report the incident. During the preliminary investigation, police searched the truck and found money hidden among crates of bread.”

The three men, aged 29, 38, and 40, have been taken into custody as the investigation unfolds.

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