“Awume s*x champion, she is not in your league” – Prince Kaybee accused of hitting on Black Coffee’s ex-wife Enhle Mbali

DJ Prince Kaybee found himself embroiled in controversy after a tweet referencing Enhle Mbali, the former wife of Black Coffee, sparked a social media storm.

Known for his candid and outspoken nature online, Prince Kaybee often engages with his followers despite facing cyberbullying and trolling.

In response to a post celebrating Enhle Mbali’s birthday, where she was recognized for her various roles as an actress, TV presenter, fashion designer, and businesswoman, Prince Kaybee commended the media house for acknowledging her accomplishments beyond her previous marriage.

“This is how you categorize someone, not ‘mang mang’s’ ex-wife,” the DJ tweeted.

However, the tweet stirred speculation among Twitter users, with some interpreting Kaybee’s words as an attempt to make advances towards Mbali.

“Awume s*x champion. She is not in your league,” said one user.

The misinterpretation led to a backlash against the Gugulethu hitmaker, who found himself in hot water over the perceived implications of his post.

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