Another South African celebrity has become a Sangoma

The trend of celebrities embracing their spiritual calling as sangomas continues to grow, with former Trending SA presenter Shaka Sisulu reportedly the latest to embark on this transformative journey.

While unconfirmed by Sisulu himself, sources claim the media personality has been quietly practicing as a traditional healer.

ZiMoja, a local news publication, reported that a client of Sisulu’s revealed the presenter began his journey shortly after departing from the popular television show.

The source further claimed Sisulu is excelling in his new role, even training others as a gobela (traditional healing coach).

This suggests a potential departure from the entertainment industry for Sisulu as he delves deeper into his calling.

If true, Sisulu joins a growing list of high-profile individuals who have embraced their ancestral calling to become traditional healers.

Notable figures like Dineo Ranaka, Boity Thulo, Letoya Makhene, and Phelo Bala have all publicly shared their journeys, normalizing and destigmatizing traditional healing practices.

Phelo Bala, for example, embraced his calling in 2014 after a debilitating illness led him to seek help from traditional healers.  He has since become a vocal advocate, sharing his experiences through social media and his reality show, “Bala Family.”

This trend reflects a broader societal shift towards acknowledging and respecting traditional African spirituality.

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