Another prophet exposes Sihle Sibisi for allegedly lying about TB Joshua in BBC documentary

The recent documentary “DISCIPLES: The Cult of TB Joshua” has ignited a heated debate, with allegations emerging that Sihle Sibisi, a key figure in the film, was paid to fabricate her accounts of abuse while staying at TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

These allegations were made by controversial Zimbabwean cleric Jay Israel, who claims that Sibisi has a history of seducing religious figures and has been pressuring him for s@xual encounters.

According to Israel, Sibisi has a pattern of seducing and blackmailing men of God.

He even shares a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between himself and Sibisi, where she allegedly requests a threesome and engages in explicit conversation.

Israel states that Sibisi has approached him in the past, seeking his help in connecting her with pastors or prophets.

Israel further claims that Sibisi went to TB Joshua’s church with the intention of engaging in s@xual activities, but became bitter and disappointed when the renowned Nigerian prophet did not succumb to her advances.

“I possess explicit material from Sihle, showcasing her attempts to entice me. Messages, voice notes, and more support her alleged activities as someone who seduces men of God. I challenge her to deny these claims publicly. If she asserts the truth of her statements about TB Joshua, I will release substantial evidence in video format. Sihle’s main agenda of going to Nigeria SCOAN was to give herself for s@xual purposes to the late prophet TBJoshua but those attempts went unnoticed hence her bitterness and lies,” Jay Israel added.

He challenges Sibisi to publicly deny the allegations and retract her statements about TB Joshua, warning that he possesses explicit material that supports his claims and threatens to release it if she fails to comply.

In addition, Israel accuses the BBC of bribery, asserting that Sibisi and others were paid to lie about Prophet TB Joshua.

He claims that Sibisi confided in him about being paid by the BBC to fabricate stories about TB Joshua and insists that he has evidence of others who were approached by the same people but declined to participate.

The allegations made by Jay Israel have added fuel to the already contentious discussion surrounding TB Joshua and his ministry.

While it is important to consider all sides and gather evidence before reaching conclusions, these claims raise questions about the credibility of the documentary and the motives behind it.

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