Another e-hailing trip turns into a nightmare as woman is raped and robbed by driver and his accomplice

A young woman’s e-hailing trip turned into a horrifying ordeal on Friday night as she was allegedly raped and robbed by the driver and an accomplice in Bellville, Cape Town.

According to police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie, the 21-year-old victim requested a ride home from work via an e-hailing app.

A foreign national picked her up and instructed her to sit in the back.

During the journey, a second suspect emerged from the boot, threatened her with a firearm, and robbed her of her belongings, including a laptop, cellphone, and work equipment.

Tragically, the ordeal escalated as the suspect then raped the victim before abandoning her on the side of the road.

The perpetrators also attempted to extort money from her family, but were unsuccessful.

The Bellville Community Police Forum (CPF) condemned the heinous act and called for swift justice. 

“We urge the police to work around the clock to catch the culprits,” said CPF representative Emre Uygun.

He also demanded stronger safety measures from the e-hailing industry to protect both passengers and drivers.

This horrific incident underscores the urgent need for increased safety protocols within the e-hailing sector.

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