AKA’s friend related to his suspected killers?

The discovery of rifle cartridges, muthi, and matchsticks placed at the mouth of a petrol tank paints a disturbing picture in the investigation into the alleged AKA’s killers.

These items were found in an abandoned Mercedes Benz vehicle believed to be linked to the suspects.

The vehicle, allegedly driven by the suspects, was involved in a separate incident where they were implicated in the shooting death of a man, injuring a woman, and hitting a pedestrian as they fled the scene.

According to the Sowetan incident occurred on 6 March 2023, less than a month after the tragic killings of Kiernen “AKA” Forbes and his friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane in Durban.

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The vehicle associated with the suspects was discovered abandoned in the Cato Crest informal settlement. Investigations revealed that there had been an attempt to burn the vehicle.

The car showed signs of tampering and arson, with Coca-Cola poured over its exterior, suggesting an attempt to accelerate the fire.

Additionally, two burnt matchsticks were ominously found at the mouth of the petrol tank, further indicating the malicious intent behind the arson attempt.

Upon closer inspection, authorities discovered damning evidence within the vehicle. Two spent rifle cartridge cases were recovered from the backseat, while another was found in the front seat. Furthermore, three bullet holes marred the driver’s side window.

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Adding to the intrigue, the car was equipped with false registration plates, complicating efforts to trace it. Subsequent investigations into the vehicle’s ownership revealed that it had been reported stolen in January 2023.

AKA's murder scene

“One of the assailants also purchased airtime from a tuck shop situated a few metres from where the vehicle was abandoned. Investigations revealed that Siphamandla Ngcobo was identified as the person who recharged his phone with the airtime purchased from the tuck shop,” read the document.

Ngcobo was arrested on 26 March 2023 on charges of robbery with aggravated circumstances related to the stolen Mercedes Benz.

Fans finger AKA’s friends in the murder

Following the tragic death of the rapper, accusations were circulated among fans and online users, implicating AKA’s friends, including Don Design and several others who were reportedly with him on the night of the incident.

During the chaos the silence from AKA’s friend Lusaso “Sasa” Ngcobo’s, was noticable for days after the incident. Saso coincidentally shares the same surname, Ngcobo, as Siphamandla who is implicated in the murder.

AKA's friend Saso

Lusaso “Saso” Ngcobo

Saso was among the friends and associates who spent the last hours with him, going for a fresh haircut at Bryd & Groom over a cold beverage and later indulging in seafood at local restaurant Wish on Florida before the rapper met his untimely end.


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