28 foreign nationals caught trying to enter South Africa illegally

South African authorities apprehended twenty-eight Bangladeshi nationals at OR Tambo International Airport on Saturday for attempting to enter the country illegally.

News24 reports that the group, arriving on a flight from Dubai, was intercepted during a targeted operation led by the Border Management Authority (BMA).

Upon inspection, officials discovered that twenty-seven individuals were traveling with fraudulent visas, while one person possessed no visa whatsoever.

This incident has raised concerns about potential breaches in immigration security and the use of South Africa as a destination for illegal entry.

The BMA acted on intelligence reports, suggesting a rise in attempts by foreign nationals to enter South Africa using falsified documents.

The operation at OR Tambo International underscores the agency’s commitment to tightening border security and combating human trafficking.

“This successful operation highlights the vital role intelligence-driven operations play in safeguarding our borders,” a BMA spokesperson stated.

“We are committed to ensuring that all individuals entering South Africa do so legally and that those seeking to circumvent our immigration laws are brought to justice.”

The detained individuals are currently in custody and face charges related to immigration violations.

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