11-year-old boy killed 10-month-old found in friend’s yard?

Morokweng police in the North West are currently investigating a murder case involving the discovery of a 10-month-old baby’s body in a yard on Friday. The police spokesperson, Colonel Adele Myburgh, stated that the baby had head injuries and bruises on her body. The circumstances suggest that the baby’s mother entrusted her care to a friend.


11-year-old boy fetched the child

According to reports, an 11-year-old boy went to the friend’s house, claiming that the grandmother had requested him to collect the baby. Subsequently, the friend handed the baby over to him.

The investigation is ongoing to understand the details surrounding this tragic incident.

“Sadly, the baby was found dead by the friend in her yard the next morning (Friday) and the police were immediately called to the scene. Emergency and Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) declared the baby dead on the scene.

The 11-year-old boy, who is currently kept under the supervision of his parents, will be evaluated by a social worker. He will be dealt with in accordance with the Child Justice Act. A postmortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death.”

In a separate incident, the Mahlangu family has had a tragic start to the new year. 25-year-old Nthabiseng Mahlangu experienced the loss of her 23-month-old child, Retshidisitswe Mahlangu, after the toddler was brutally killed on Friday.

This according to reports incident happened at the Old Vereeniging Hospital in Gauteng, also known as 21.

Paulina Mahlangu (53), describing the scene that she saw on Friday, shared that the child was discovered with a knife still stuck in her head and her stomach cut open.


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